Bringing transparency and traceability to the micro-loans market using blockchain.

yupay means counting in Quechua, the official language of the Inca Empire and still being spoken by 11 million people in the Andes Region.

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Some Statistics about Peru

The Good

  • Peru has an excess, not a shortage, of credit for low-income people.
  • Peru is the best country in the world for microfinance
  • Peru has the most favorable development of the microfinance sector environment.

The Bad

  • More than half of rural households in Peru live below the poverty line.
  • 1.3 million farmers in Peru do not have access to formal financial services.
  • Only 29% of adult have a bank account.

Peru map

The Problem

Why is that?

The money is here, but people are not receiving it why?

Individuals in low-income communities are not getting fairly priced, well-designed loans.

46% of borrowers used a decent chunk of their business loan to pay down other debt

about 28% spent part of the money on household purchase.

Many loans are spend into basket-weaving and fruit-selling enterprises that will only perpetuate the informal economies.

How to fix this?

Bringing Transparency and traceability on where the money goes, and how it is used.

Keeping the microloan receiver accountable for its use.

Use of Blockchain to bring transparency on how the money will be spend.

Create a digital currency to power the entire eco-system.

The Solution


What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a decentralized and distributed digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers in a cryptographic manner.

By storing data across its network, the blockchain eliminates the risks that come with data being held centrally, making it harder to temper, and indestructible.

Using cryptographic system, make it safe from alteration of the data.

This makes blockchains perfect for the recording of events, medical records, financial records, financial transaction and other records management activities, and bring transparency on the entire chain.

What is yupay? is a technology platform for micro-financier.

By using yupay, the micro-financier can lend money to any person and business and keep track, trace on how the money is used.

The micro-financier will be able to see who is using the loan, how they are using it, where they are spending it and so on...

Our platform bring transparency and traceability on how the money is spend.

Blockchain is used as the mechanism to bring transparency, traceability and accountability on how the money will be used.


Some use cases examples

Farmer that ask for micro-loans to buy consumer goods instead of machinery that would increase the productivity of its farm.

Farmer getting loans for cocoa & coffee and do not behave sustainable (cutting trees) or do not spend the money to increase the crop productivity.

Person that get a micro-loan to invest in his business and prefer to buy a car instead.

Business that get a micro-loan to pay previous debt.

Who are we?


Michael Fabing

Master in Information Technology from the University of Metz (France)
and CTO of several Startups in Canada.

Founder of a peruvian web-platform using cryptocurrency to send money around the world for 1% fee.

Roberto Persivale

Roberto Persivale

Master in Economics from the University of Southern California
and serial entrepreneur in Peru & Venezuela.

Managing Partner of Asesorandes and Fledge Latam Network of Conscious Company Accelerators


We are looking to partner with company that can work with us to build this eco-system.


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San Isidro, Lima 15073

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